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Welcome. Since our first day of business, You're Grounded has been providing one of the only known ways to reduce free radicals and return our bodies to its natural electrical state through grounding.  The process of grounding leads to a wide array of other benefits such as synchronized biorhythms, lower cortisone levels which means less stress, and many others. Browse our site and get in touch with any questions.


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How to do it?

Test the receptacle with the ground fault receptacle tester that we included in your order. Plug the end of the cord into the ground circuit (round)  of your electrical outlet. As shown in the picture above. Attach the pads to your feet or arms so that the copper plates are making contact with your skin and thats it, You're Grounded! The minimum recomended time per day of grounding is 45 minutes

What does it help?

When your skin makes contact with the earth, free electrons are naturally taken into the body. Once inside your body, these electrons cancel out free radicals that lead to disease and inflammation in the body. The Earth’s energy helps the body cope and repair itself which promotes wellbeing, vitality, and better sleep. And being that it is composed of mostly water and minerals the body is an excellent conductor of electrons which helps in this process.These benefits are provided when there is direct contact with Earth thus enabling the electrons to flow. Earthing harmonizes and stabilizes basic biological rhythms, reduces or even eliminates chronic inflammation and pain.

Why use this over natural grounding?

While you may think its foolish to buy a product that mother earth provides for free, I dont, because our product brings the earth to you. This way you can enjoy mother earth sitting in your recliner watching tv. Sure, you could go stand barefoot outside for an hour or two everyday, but who actually has time for that? There are too many things nowadays pulling us away from mother earth to count on being able to connect with the ground like we need to.  With this product you can ensure you get the benefits that grounding gives you without actually going outside barefoot.


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